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MCF pre-event @Athens ->Review


It was a pretty crazy night with : 
running to place the screen for the visuals 
and eventually become all on time :D
a lot of people dancing and having fun,
All the dj's sets and BSE was amazing !
with the huge sound system of CS[clear sound] 
who takes our minds out !

you can see more photos on 6342posterous


Music & Cultural Festival

Saturday 16th April MCF presents a pre-festival dnb-dubstep event :

Black Sun Empire (NL/BSE recs)
Chasing Shadows (UK/Hench)
Disphonia (GR/Funxion/Trust in Music/Mindtech)
Harris (GR/Funxion) b2b Kernelcoremode (GR/Creative space)
Double D (GR)

@ Ellinikos Kosmos, building 56, Peiraios 254, Tauros
cost : 10e presale @ IT Record Shop, Patisiwn 128, Athens, 213-04 12 648
@ Nikos S, 693-26 08 502

12e door
starts : 23.30 
Sound system by Clear Sound. 

We are not only for visuals.. but finally we like it so much
 so we are preparing a lineup for four hours 
to the Music & Cultural Festival 
starting at 24:00 until 3:00 pm and giving our best !

Here you have some links if you want to know more about the music :


massive Padeios

massive party with epileptic shock!!!