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performing @ 10 years funxion

we ll be performing at the event for the 10 years of funxion crew
sick 6342 visuals and live performance coming!
be there. @ athens school of fine arts, 21 and 22 of january 2011


θα συμμετάσχουμε στο πάρτυ για τα 10 χρόνια της ομάδας funxion
τρελά 6342 βίζουαλς και λάιβ περφόρμανς έρχονται!
να είσαι και ΣΥ εκεί. στη σχολή καλών τεχνών της αθήνας, στο ξύλινο, στις 21 και 22 ιανουαρίου 2011

One of our very first big visual events as a team.
2 amazing days full of LOUD music, crazy visuals, lots of dancing and many many fantastic artists.
Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the DNB and dubstep music collective "FUNXION" at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
We performed there as a VJ team, projecting at 4 projection screens using tons of material (with differences according to the member of 6342 that was playing at the time).
Most of the material was originally created by us, although a part of the visuals was random videos and images found on the internet (under CC licence)
For the list of artists (Djs and Vjs) check the first image (poster of the event)
Definataly one oth the dopest parties we been...
We hope that more events like this take place in the future! 

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