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--- Tales From The Crypt

Tales From The Crypt pt.1 - Drum "n" Bass
11 March

Line up:
Disphonia (funxion)
Abend (funxion)

Starts: 23:00
entrance: 5e /w drink

Don't forget : Tales from the Crypt pt2 -

11 / 3 / 2011 we had the honour to play again with FUNXION at an amazing DNB party @ The Crypt (under BOOZE bar in Athens)
It was a great live by DISPHONIA and ABEND with lots and lots of crazy dancing!
Although we were used to projecting at bigger sizes and bigger / more screens the visuals came out pretty well!
The biggest problem with the party was the annoying owner of The Crypt (BOOZE) that suddenly decided to end the party without even warning the musicians! So what do? UNPLUG the volume! nice.
That was pretty annoying but the final feeling that we all had for the party was AWESOMENESS! (i dont think many artists will want to perform there from now on though and thats a shame cause its a brand new and very nice place.)
Anyway, big up to FUNXION once more!

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